Means of achieving the Goals

-Supporting and participating in the humanitarian activities and programs that serves refugees, IDPs/Returnees and vulnerable people.
-Submitting of reports and assessments of the situations of refugees, IDPs/Returnees and vulnerable people in Kurdistan and other Governorates in Iraq.
-Preparing data base for refugees, IDPs/Returnees and updating all information through conducting continuous visits for their locations in Kurdistan and other Governorates in Iraq.
-Participating in the implementation of economic development projects, infrastructures and service in all fields of local economic that are delivered and suggested by civil society activities & UN Agencies.
-Conducting sessions, training courses, workshops and conferences regarding local environmental awareness and reserving to protect environment and controlling pollution.
-Participation in the local media and following up the press that is dealing with the humanitarian & environmental affairs.
-Communicating and coordinating with other local, foreign, and international organizations.
-Submitting of consultations, researches, visibility studied and studies about engineering projects, designs, suggested projects, reconstruction of infrastructure and environment schemes and aspects.

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