PTA Meetings

Associating with Srouh Organization, EADE Organization is implementing the project of
(Improving access to quality and inclusive education with gender equality for out-of school children in Iraq, UNESCO BC: BC: 570IRQ1000).
Under this agreement, today we held a very useful campaign in west Mosul. We visited the poor areas (Almansour , Mosul Aljededa and Alyarmok neighborhoods. We attended a PTA meeting at Maysloon Primary school for girls. During travelling we saw ten children who are selling things. We talked with them and we will find near school to register them. Here are the activities we held today.
We visited five schools:
a-Mayslon primary school for girls
b-Mayslon primary school for boys
c-Almansour primary school for boys
d-Ibn zaidon primary school for boys
e-Ibn zaidon ALP school.