EADE membership application was approved to join NEAR

We are happy to announce that EADE membership application was approved to join NEAR, and now, we are officially a full member of NEAR; we are entitled to the benefits received by all NEAR full members.
NEAR is a movement of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) from the global south rooted in our communities who share a common goal of promoting fair, equitable and dignified partnerships in the current aid system.
At NEAR, their reputation as a voice for local actors has made them an ideal partner for local NGOs since their launch at the May 2016 World Humanitarian Summit. They have developed an audience that has finally begun to listen to the local voice. Now it’s time to join forces to ensure a critical mass to transform the aid system.
EADE organization will be part of a diverse membership drawn from the Global South. Together our combined knowledge and experience will have a real impact in closing the gap between the aid system and the communities it aims to serve.
EADE organization will gain unparalleled access and influence locally, nationally, and internationally with policymakers and other stakeholders where NEAR is recognized as a credible voice for local actors.
EADE organization will have a seat at the table where policies that become accepted guidelines for the humanitarian sector through NEAR’s recognition as a Grand Bargain signatory.
EADE organization will have access to NEAR’s learning platform, tools, and information specifically designed to help make local organizations more sustainable.
NEAR membership program combines the benefits of peer group learning, one-to-one mentoring and focused learning event, to help EADE organization reach peak performance where its people are powered by a shared understanding of their challenges and access to the knowledge and tools, they need to meet them.
The network will help facilitate access to innovative and alternative financing solutions for local NGOs based in the Global South.