Engineering Association for Development and the Environment-EADE held an educational health lecture

On Sunday, January 24, the for a group of teachers from some schools covered by the network plan and others also, during which Dr. Ahmed touched on the healthy ways of dealing with students in schools to avoid the spread of the Covid-19 epidemic and how is the proper behavior in the event of suspicion of an infection and what are the symptoms that the staff in schools can pay attention to, even in the staffs’ dealings with each other, and even their dealings with the community in the event of the pandemic spread. The doctor presented the methods of prevention and isolation and how to maintain the safety of staff and students in the correct manner of prevention methods and the need to use masks and correct methods of wearing and taking them off and using sterilizers.
The symposium was held in the hall of the Al-Mubda’oun Private School in Mosul. The means of transportation was provided for the teachers to attend the symposium which was attended by 24 female teachers and 7 male teachers from different schools.