Appreciatation letter from World Bank

Today, the Director of EADE Organization received this appreciated letter from Doing Business team of the World Bank.

Dear Mohammed Yahya,
The Doing Business team would like to thank you for your valuable contribution to the report Doing Business 2019: Training for Reform. The report was launched with great success and extensive media coverage. We are delighted to send you this attached certificate in appreciation of all your time and effort in the development of the Doing Business indicators. You may download the report from this website: Doing Business 2019: Training for Reform is the 16th in an annual series of reports measuring the regulations that enhance business activity and those that constrain it. Contributions like yours have been essential for ensuring the quality and timeliness of the data in the Doing Business reports and, of course, we would be very glad to rely on your continued cooperation in the project.
We would also like to invite you to visit our interactive website at, where we have acknowledged your important contribution to the project in our “Contributors” section. The website provides more detailed information on the methodology and background studies and permits customized queries and cross-country comparisons of the indicators. Thank you again for sharing your expertise with us.


The Doing Business Team The World Bank Group
1818 H St. NW, Washington DC 20 433, USA