Cash for work Partnership with Mission East Support to displace and returnee populations in Ninewa and Kirkuk governorates of Iraq through shelter, protection and cash transfers

The number of beneficiaries is a 100 worker per day. While will have a single shift of 4
hours or a double shift of 8 hours options. With a payment respectively of 20 USD per one shift
and 40 USD for double shift without exceeding to amount of 500 USD for each beneficiary
meaning working for no more than 25 days.
In case that the work in the targeted schools is completely implemented according to the
plan before the end of the time scale, then we will be able to open similar works in another
schools in the same neighborhoods until the end date of the program in 31/12/2017.
Identification of workers lists:
This will be according to the coordination with the Mukhtar in each of the
neighborhoods. We will submit 5 worker lists approved by the Mukhtars. Those workers will be
engaged in the work in the targeted schools to work in daily basis.
The work will be implemented with coordination and cooperation with the principal of each
school in the supervision of EADE technical and admin staff in each school.
Planned items to be achieved in the program:
 Cleaning of gardens and removing rubbles and trash.
 Cleaning of window glass for the classes and admin rooms.

Cleaning of the walkways and the play yards and removing trash and rubble.
 Removing of the debris caused by the military operations in the roofs(After making sure
that it's been screened by ISF ).
 Transportation of debris, rubble and trash outside the schools.
 Gardens cleaning and trimming.
 Gardens planting.

Locations :

5 schools are targeted in west Mosul

 Al-Ethar, Al-Refaee neighborhood.
 Al-Nahdha, Al-Refaee neighborhood.
 Al-Sahaba, 17 Tammuz neighborhood.
 Abi Tammam, Al-Tayaran/Al- Danadan neighborhood.
 Al-Falah, Al-Tayaran/Al- Danadan neighborhood.


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