About Us

EADE Is one of the enthusiastic local organizations aims for playing an active role in providing humanitarian aids to the refugees, IDPs/Returnees and host communities. EADE have practiced staff for assessments & data collection, in addition the ability of updating all required information. Thanks to t he good relationships with the local Governments, security authorities and tribal elders, EADE is able to access to the n ewly liberated area in Nineveh Governorate and another areas in Iraq. What strengthen our situation is the distribution of EADE staff in all parts of Iraq. We always select EADE staff locally that belonging to the targeted communities to keep collecting information at a most level of accuracy & time saving, in addition to secure accessing to the targeted areas and ensure successful missions.

Although EADE was established in 2012 as a local NGO, the Foundation staff of the organization possess a very good experience in the field of humanitarian implementations due to their long years of employments with other NGOs or private companies as staff leaders during 2003-2012. Through this period, many projects were executed by employing this staff under the partnerships of the employee organizations with many UN Agencies such as UNHCR, UNIDO and UNDP or international NGOs like Mercy Corps, Islamic Relief, IRD, ICRC & ACD-VOCA, In addition the active participations of this staff in the coalition forces and the US Army projects in Iraq. Also, the basic private technical and administrational experiences of the staff were built through their faithful services to more other organizations prior to 2003 as was mentioned in their CVs.

Although the name of EADE organization gives a first impression as it is only specialized (Engineering/Environmental) organization but in reality it still can be involved in any humanitarian implementation since it serves the general sector and aiming to reach the main targets of all international and national humanitarian.